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Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattresses – The Best Value For Money

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattresses – The Best Value For Money

Memory foam mattresses are always one step ahead of regular mattresses in terms of comfort and quality. The mattresses manufactured by Sleep Innovations are even better due to the patented SureTemp technology that they employ in the design of all of their mattresses. They also come in variable thicknesses to cater to a large demographic of consumers.

The SureTemp Technology:

It is a special layer of memory foam that is created with patented open cell foam that keeps the temperature in check by allowing much better airflow through the mattress. This layer also provides much better body weight support than most other mattresses in the market. Regular use of these mattresses will take care of those back and neck pains you often experience after getting up in the morning.

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year WarrantyUnlike regular mattresses, the Sleep Innovations mattresses do not need flipping to keep the firmness and quality intact. In fact all of their mattresses come with 20 years of limited warranty. Memory foams are known for their ability to recover quickly after a night of use and Sleep Innovations mattresses are even better in this respect. Being allergen and dust mite resistant, you will need minimal maintenance.

You may want to check professional mattress reviews first, but the most popular variants available in the market are 10”, 12” and 8” mattresses.

12” Mattress: It has a 9.5” layer of high density foam at the bottom and 2.5” SureTemp layer at the top. The cover is made from poly-cotton. It provides soft to medium support to the body.

10” Mattress: This mattress is for people who love medium to medium hard firmness in their mattresses. It comes with 7” high density foam at the bottom and 3” SureTemp foam at the top.

8” Mattress: This one is for the connoisseurs of hard mattress surface. It comes with 6” high density foam at the bottom and 2” SureTemp foam to top it off.

These mattresses come in Twin, Full Queen and King size variants so if you are in need for a high quality mattress that requires low maintenance and provides ample comfort, Sleep Innovations mattresses are the way to go.