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Clean Your Toilet Thoroughly For A Healthy Household

Clean Your Toilet Thoroughly For A Healthy Household

TOTO SW554-12 Washlet S300 Elongated Front Toilet SeatMost of us have one thing to do first after a good night’s sleep, that’s right, empty your blatter. And for a good start of the day you would want it to be clean of course.

Dirty toilets and toilet bowls not only look nasty but also provide a favourable environment for virus and bacteria infestation. Dirty toilets lose their usefulness pretty quickly as well. It is important to clean your toilet regularly in the right way.

It is best to clean it every week. That way you will not have any heavy duty dirt and grime to deal with. Using disposable gloves, paper napkins or towels, toiler cleaning agents and all purpose cleaners, you can get the job done under just 5 minutes.
O, and speaking of cleaning, have you ever thought of using a waslet or bidet seat? As I read recently these are the next big thing in the US, and although this has nothing to do with cleaning your toilet, they sure help with the toilet hygiene.

Back to the toilets though. Some people forget to clean the base of the toilet, the flush tank and the handle. But it is as important to clean them as the toilet bowl itself. Usually a toilet cleaning brush should do the trick but keep a toothbrush handy for the hard to reach areas or for some heavy rinsing if some dirt tends to get stuck.Do this and your dirty toilet woes will be taken care of permanently.

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