Salt Based Or Salt-Free – Which Water Filter Is For You?

On May 18, 2014 by Joel

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House 10-Year 1000000-Gallon Water Filter with Pro Install KitApart from RO (Reverse Osmosis), the filters in the market can be broadly classified into two categories, salt based and salt-free water filters. So which one is for you? Here’s some advise taken form Soft Water Filtration.

Salt Based Water Filters:

You should buy it if…

  • The water in your area is very hard.
  • You are not worried about the price tag.
  • You are ready to carry out maintenance regularly.
  • You want your water to be completely odor and impurities free.

Salt-free Water Filters:

You should buy it if…

  • You get moderate to low levels of hard water.
  • Price is a concern for you.
  • You do not want the burden of changing cartridges and salt regularly.
  • You do not want chemical treatment of water.

It is clear that both systems have their pros and cons. Depending on your needs, you would surely be able to choose the most perfect one for your home.

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